Introducing Your-Floor® Glo, an innovative illuminative portable flooring solution that glows for up to four hours. Your-Floor® Glo is designed for use alongside Your-Floor Elite Flooring, Your-Floor Grass Protection, or Your-Floor Motorsport Racing to create versatile applications such as portable dance floors, exit rows, and emergency access. This user-friendly flooring option requires no power and provides a unique visual experience.



  • End seat row indicators
  • Highlighting exit points
  • Accentuating potential hazards
  • Dance floors
  • Stadium pathways and seat rows


  • Major events
  • Concerts
  • Hire & rental services
  • Dance and fashion events
  • Circus performances


  • Glows for up to 4 hours
  • Integrates with Your-Floor Elite Flooring, Grass Protection, or Motorsport Racing
  • No power connection required
  • Can be clipped in after main floor assembly
  • Easy to adjust and assemble
  • Helps patrons navigate their way in the dark
Choose Your-Floor GLO for an illuminative, power-free portable flooring solution that enhances event experiences and ensures safety by guiding patrons in low-light conditions. This versatile and visually striking flooring option is perfect for major events, concerts, dance and fashion events, and circus performances.