Experience the next generation of flooring solutions with our state-of-the-art, injection-molded HDPE heavy-duty panels. These high-quality panels are expertly crafted with overlapping edges that seamlessly interlock, ensuring a secure and stable connection. The panels are further reinforced using camlocks to create a robust, continuous platform capable of withstanding demanding applications. Our system is designed with versatility in mind, offering integral and interlocking ramps for enhanced accessibility on both edges, making it suitable for a variety of uses.

Constructed from durable materials, these panels are not only built to last but are also easy to assemble and disassemble, providing a practical solution for numerous projects. The adaptability and strength of our flooring solution make it an ideal choice for industries that require reliable, high-performance surfaces that can endure heavy loads, intense foot traffic, and challenging environments. Upgrade your flooring project with our cutting-edge, heavy-duty panel system and experience unparalleled performance and durability.



  • Temporary access roads
  • Loading platforms
  • Workshop and temporary warehousing floors
  • Stage builds
  • Crane platforms
  • Marquee floors
  • Military operations


  • Major events
  • Stadium operators
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Military


  • Easy-to-install, lightweight panels with twist-lock fasteners
  • Load-dispersing design to accommodate heavy machinery
  • Sports turf profile protection
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Rugged, reusable, and recyclable
Choose our innovative flooring solution for a versatile, dependable, and eco-friendly option that caters to a wide range of uses and industries.