Your-Floor® HTech Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats Designed to withstand loads up to 80 tonnes, the Pro-Tech Mats provide the ultimate temporary access and ground protection solution for moving and operating plant equipment and personnel over soft or sensitive ground. Exceptionally Durable & Flexible Constructed with 12mm thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Pro-Tech Mats are almost indestructible, weighing only 36 kgs. The built-in handles facilitate easy moving and installation. Slip-Resistant Surface The meticulously engineered surface design offers maximum grip while dispersing mud when vehicles traverse. This design minimizes sideways movement or slippage, ensuring optimal forward traction. Semi-Permanent Specialist Applications Connection options are available for more permanent situations, steep terrain, and heavy tracked equipment.


Suggested Uses:

  1. Temporary access roads
  2. Loading dock areas
  3. Machinery exhibitions
  4. Vehicle displays
  5. Command centers
  6. Aircraft hangars
  7. Construction site walkways
  8. Concert and event flooring
  9. Emergency access routes
  10. Pedestrian pathways
  11. Golf course maintenance
  12. Oil and gas drilling sites
  13. Environmental remediation projects
  14. Infrastructure and utility projects


  • Rapid installation of temporary access, working areas, and trackways
  • Low transportation and handling costs
  • Minimal ground preparation required
  • Efficient, fast, and straightforward connection
  • Strong and flexible, conforming to the underlying ground
  • Prevents property, heritage, and environmental damage
  • Avoids health and safety issues caused by poor ground conditions
  • Various connection options for different terrains and equipment
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Lightweight, allowing two people to handle it with ease
  • Pedestrian-friendly, especially for wheelchairs and buggies


  1. Construction and building
  2. Mining and resource extraction
  3. Oil and gas
  4. Utilities and infrastructure
  5. Events and entertainment
  6. Aviation and aerospace
  7. Government and public works
  8. Environmental and conservation
  9. Agriculture and farming
  10. Military and defense
  11. Emergency services
  12. Sports and recreation
  13. Landscaping and horticulture
  14. Transportation and logistics
These heavy-duty ground protection mats are versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how YOUR-HTECH Mats can help enhance the safety, efficiency, and protection of your project or event.