Introducing Your-Floor® Ice Protection System – the ultimate ice rink protection system designed to shield the ice surface from damage, while providing a stable, dry surface for various activities. This cutting-edge system offers insulation against surface melting caused by excess heat during non-ice events.

Your-Floor® Ice Protection System is comprised of a 10mm layer of EVA foam (exact grade available upon request), which is readily available in most countries or can be supplied directly by Your-Floor® Portable Flooring in Australia. EVA foam comes in sheets or rolls, which are rolled out onto the surface and secured with cloth or duct tape at the joints. Your-Floor Elite Flooring is then installed loosely over the foam sheet, resulting in a stable surface due to the foam’s deformation under the Your-Floor® protection plus. .



  • Non-ice events in ice rinks, such as concerts and exhibitions
  • Temporary flooring for chairs, stages, and equipment on ice surfaces
  • Ice rink maintenance and protection during off-season periods


  • Event management
  • Ice rinks and sports venues
  • Entertainment industry
Choose the Your-Floor Ice Protection System for comprehensive ice surface protection, insulation against melting, and a stable, dry surface that can withstand various activities and equipment. This innovative solution is perfect for event organizers, ice rink operators, and the entertainment industry, ensuring the best possible experience for all involved.